Seventh-Gay Adventists

Enough Room at the Table DVD

ENOUGH ROOM AT THE TABLE is a dialogue film set at the intersection of faith, gender, and sexuality. It’s meant to model the sacred space that opens up when we gather to genuinely listen to each other and participate in each other’s lives. Our differences in beliefs, theological paradigms, and practice don’t disappear; but we stop seeing each other as position statements or labels and instead see each other as fellow beloved children of God. We start looking like the sort of people who are known by their love.
This film shows a weekend dialogue as 12 Adventists from around the United States gathered to engage and converse about topics often not discussed (or often discussed without key voices at the table). The group includes pastors, educators, parents, and LGBT+ Adventists, all from differing theological paradigms, experiences, and perspectives.

The participants didn’t know each other before this weekend, but they were committed to open, authentic, and respectful dialogue. The deeply honest, sacred, and inspiring dialogue they model is what we’re making available now. We hope this dialogue inspires viewers to host your own small group conversations in your own homes, churches, and communitiesit’s a powerful and transformative process that will create ripples of hope and healing.
  • "This film, and the conversation it inspires, will be an essential part of Christianity well into the twenty-first century." - Steve Chavez, pastor and author
  • "This dialogue is a thought-provoking, heart-wrenching journey that brought me to the startling realization that one of the first calls as Christ-followers is to listen to each other." - Mark Witas, Adventist pastor and author of Just Jesus
  • "This film gives me hope that the LGBT+ community will finally be spoken with instead of just talked about in our church." - Yolanda Elliott, SDA Kinship president


  • Enough Room at the Table Film (100 min.)
  • Over 45 minutes of additional footage
  • Trailer
  • Region Free (Compatible Worldwide)
  • Subtitles: English (Closed captions) and Spanish
  • Discussion Facilitator Guidebook (PDF)


Available worldwide NOW.